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    Just received my CLP electricity bill, HK$ 144 for the last period, I think it's HK............

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    Quote Originally Posted by PDLM:
    Did you put in a money back guarantee just in case they were wrong about this heaven place?
    I am afraid to inform you but once you are gone you are GONE!
    So, you have only one chance of life, make the most of it.

    As to Mr C. remarks, reading his other forums, I though he is a well traveled and knowledgeable gentleman who can give constructive advice. ???!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by HowardCoombs:
    After 2 days of reading, I still cant come to a good conclusion whether we have a very good troll on our hands or not...
    Yawn. Cynicism strikes again on this forum
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mrs Koala:
    I am afraid to inform you but once you are gone you are GONE!
    So why then are you leaving half your money to a group of people with whom you have such a fundamental disagreement?

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    Quote Originally Posted by bryant.english:
    You mean a many Aussies say pub?
    The signage will say 'xxx hotel' or traditionally 'xxx public house/bar' but in conversation, it's 'pub'. I've never heard anyone say, "Let's go to the hotel or public house for a drink."

    I've never seen 'xxx Pub' signage for an Australian pub. Happy to be proved wrong. Maybe, for an Irish pub once.

    Yes, I assumed we were all talking about the same thing.

    I haven't seen every or even the majority of pubs in Australia, but it does make me wonder if it goes to the higher crime areas you referred to earlier. Not suggesting that there's a causal relationship between alcohol, pubs and high crime rates by the way.
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