Hello and Advice?

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    Hello and Advice?

    Hey, im looking to be in HK early next year and could do with some advice on how much i should be budgeting for accommodation and potential areas, here's my criteria:

    Monthly take home circa $110k
    want 3 beds minimum
    Low rise preference
    out of city centre - more relaxed quite life at nights & weekends
    commute up to an hour(ish) is fine from West Kowloon
    wife and pre-school child
    decent size - >1250 sq ft

    My research to date is pointing to DB as it seems an easy initial fit and transition from west in to the HK community.. however places like Sai Kung and Clearwater seem to be popular..

    any details, thoughts or suggestions greatly received..


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    will you drive, if yes, db is out the question.

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    Assuming you're working in ICC then DB to ICC is doable in an hr ish but the Ferry trip will grate after a while.

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    DB is not as convenient if you are working in Kowloon as it is with Central. A couple of my friends moved out of DB when my company moved offices to Kowloon. Have a look at Park Island instead.

    Also the school situation is very bad in DB. Kindergarten will be OK, but not year 1. You pay $2000 to join the scam waiting lists that actually go backwards and you will never get a spot.

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