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    Empire studio

    Hi everyone,

    I'm moving to Hong kong in januaryand I am thinking of staying in one of the deluxe plus rooms at Empire studio for the first two months. There seem to be somewhat mixed reviews and i was just wondering if anyone had first hand experience staying in these rooms and if so how they found it? I would greatly appreciate any info!

    Thank you

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    One month or two can be ok more than that you'd go crazy. Overpriced, small and service so so.


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    Thank you for your response!! did u stay in deluxe plus room? and did you find that it was clean? also is there any natural light in the room because the picture they sent me has the curtains closed and I was wondering why they had done that? sorry for so many questions!!


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    also can you reccomend any other good serviced apartments of a similar price (9-10k/month) in a good location on hong kong island?

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    Honestly it's very difficult to look for a good place while still abroad. All those places are very expensive however when you are here it will be so much easier to find an aptm.

    I don't remember if I rented the standard or deluxe just don't expect much it basically a small hotel room. Not much light but that's normal in Hk, full of buildings around.

    If I were you I would rent a studio for 1 or 2 months or even share a flat with someone at first and once you are here you can look for a better place, public transport is great no prob even you live a lil further.

    If you need more info just pm me.