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Discovery Bay - Large Flats

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    Quote Originally Posted by carang:
    you will find that most flats are as you describe. space is at a premium here.

    if this is what you really want, you may need to look at living in a village house elsewhere either south lantau or somewhere in the NT. if you get a full house, chances are you will have good sized bedrooms.
    our village house has 5 bedrooms. 3 of them are around 110', the 4th is about 270' and the 5th is about 350'.
    Hi carang,
    We are thinking about renting a village house in NT area (I guess Discovery Bay is also in NT?), may I ask how much rent roughly for similar size village house (I guess is around 1500 sf to 2000 sf range? Either 5 or 4 bedrooms)?
    Also do you know how much is a village like this in NT for purchase?
    Do they have good schools around (local, private, or international schools)?
    Thanks much.

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    discovery bay is in the NT but it is a privately owned/managed area. there are no village houses there.

    price? completely and totally depends on the area.

    can range from $20k/month upto over $100k/month.

    NT is a huge area, whether or not there are "good" local, private or international schools, depends on where you are looking. we live in sai kung (not sai kung proper, but in the country park, so our rent is on the low end of the rent scale, but we are 20 minutes by car from town and the kids' school). my kids go to local schools, which we are quite happy with so far.

    village houses come in at 700', 1400' or 2100'. which equates to 1 floor, 2 floors or all three floors. most village houses are 3 stories high and can either be broken down into 1, 2 or 3 flats.

    purchase price would depend on: location, garden size, age of the building, convenience to public transport etc. but could range from $3M upto over $100M

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