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3 Bedroom in Midlevels for Under 35K?

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    3 Bedroom in Midlevels for Under 35K?

    Hello! We are a family of 3 (myself, wife, 2 year old daughter) moving to HK in March. We are hoping to get a 3 bedroom 900+ sq ft flat in midlevels (relatively near the escalators), recent construction or fully remodeled. We've looked online and see a number of places that seem to look ok in the pictures for around 32-35K a month, but would love any feedback from people who have looked recently in person on whether the pictures do look like the flats in real life. Flats in Goldwin Heights, Bonpoint, Grand Panorama, etc. are pretty common I've found.


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    Please wait until you get here, take a serviced apartment for a month and view these places in person. Cannot emphasize enough how different things look online to how they actually are. Plus one person's perception of spacious can be very different to another.

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    Stay at Hanlun Habitats, it's right in the area you are interested in and you'll get a good feel for the area..

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