Real estate agents - Renting a flat

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    Real estate agents - Renting a flat

    Since I'm in HK, I always wondered why most of the people deal with Midland or Centaline to RENT (not sell) their flat... This amazes me since it is so simple to list a flat in the newspapers or websites and organize visits during the weekend. Why do people willingly pay thousands of dollars to deal with those people? Why don't we find flats listed on craiglist, or other classified??? Lazyness? Easy money? why? Tell me! Am I missing something here?

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    As Landlord I know why I pay 1/2 month rent to the agent:
    Before the unit is rented, at least 30- 40 people wish to see the unit. All of them want to come either after work or on week ends. I have no time to go to the unit and wait for the prospective tenant to show up.
    So it is more economical to pay the commission and give the keys to the Agent.