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    Comments on Serviced Apts - Central 88

    my hubby and i are moving to HK and his company has put us up temporarily for a month at this serviced apartment called Central 88. We browsed its website and find it to be rather old altho the location seems pretty central. Any comments on this apartment? We were looking to stay in somewhere new like shama causeway bay, etc.

    The design and decor of the apt is kinda creepy with all the chinese antique, etc. But the company person-in-charge kept reassuring us it's a modern apartment and pushing us to take it. Not sure if we are to kick up a big fuss. Pls advise.

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    Central 88 - Happy Valley 88

    My company puts all of us up in one of these two serviced apartment buildings. They are owned by the same management. The apartments are very modern and well taken care of. You will be fine. Central's units are a bit smaller than Happy Valley's, but I think that is just because of the location. All apartments in Central and naturally smaller. If you want to be in a more residential area, then I might suggest that your husband ask about HV 88. The building is smaller in size, but less units and a bit more personal. HV is also more of a place for expats with families or pets. I hope that is helpful.