DiscoBay to Causeway Bay

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    DiscoBay to Causeway Bay

    I have always wanted to live in DiscoBay for its spaciouis and open area. But now that I work in Causeway Bay and not Central, I am contemplating this idea. The commute would be bus (or bike) > Ferry > MTR, which would take 45 mins. Anyone living in DB and not working in Central could give me some insight on this?

    If not DB, where can i get a 500sf place on the island with an open view, and that the bathroom/kitchen don't look like they'll fall apart, for about $8,000?

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    DB flat


    I live in DB but work in Shau kei wan,it sounds far but actually not too bad,I take ferry and bus M720,it takes about 45mins,there is a stop in CWB,from Central to there only 10mins.
    It's not easy to find a nice place with $8000 in HK island,that's why I think the it's worth to spend a bit more time on transportation but live in DB,I used to live in soho,I paid $7500(6 yrs ago),but the flat was only 380sft

    By the way,are you interested to share flat? For some reason,I would like to look for another flat in DB and share with someone,I have a well trained dog(no pee/poo/bark indoor),I'm desparated to move out of my old flat,but would like to keep living in DB,pls drop me a line if you are interested to share with a late 20s lady and a dog.