Convenient Housing Near The Chinese University of Hong Kong

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    Question Convenient Housing Near The Chinese University of Hong Kong

    Hi all,

    I just arrived about a week ago and I'm neck deep in the apartment hunt. I'm running into some problems and I was hoping to pick the brain of a few knowledgeable expats.

    I'll be taking classes at The Chinese University of Hong Kong in January and so I'm looking for a place that will be convenient, commute-wise. Right now I'm thinking about Shatin or Sham Tseng.

    I called Midland Realty in Shatin, but the guy with whom I spoke wasn't very helpful. He told me that I could get a nice two bedroom apt for between 10-12k. That sounded too high so I questioned him about it and after badgering him for a while he said I could get a two bedroom for 7k.

    How much would a nice, comfortable apt in Shatin cost? I'd like to spend no more than 7-7.5k per month with all utilities etc. included, but I can pay more if need be. I've found that where I live is probably the most important ingredient for enjoying my stay in a city.

    I was also considering Sham Tseng, as I saw photos of Ocean Pointe that looked quite good. Does anyone know of other buildings in Sham Tseng that are nice to stay in?

    Does anyone know of good real estate agents in either of those locations?

    Any other suggestions as far as places to live? I'd like to be no further than ~20-30 minutes away from both CUHK and the City. Oh also, I'd like to be near a gym. I run but am paranoid about running on the streets of cities with a fair amount of pollution.

    Lots of questions, I know. Hope you guys can help!


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    I'd also try Centaline and a few other agencies.

    Also, do a search on and see what you can find in your budget .. and the agents who have listed those properties.

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    Sai Kung

    It is possible to get a 2 bed in Sha Tin for 7k, but you would have to try very hard to get it and it would most likely be in a village house unless you want a 2 bedroom the size of a cupboard!

    For 7k you could try Golden Lion Gardens which were built in the 70's but are tiny (China Chem building) - BUT convenient for transport all over HK. For more comfortable apartments yes you will be looking at between 10 - 15k.