Bellagio - Sham Tseng

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    Bellagio - Sham Tseng

    Just completed my 4th month at Bellagio and thought I would share my impressions.

    Initially disappointed somehow by the aircrafts landing from the Kowloon side (ie approaching 25R), it seems like since Sept all landing flights are coming in from the West, hence the problem has actuaslly disappeared on its own.
    I am told that aircraft land on 25R mostly during the 3-4 months of summer and the other way round (whe they can not be heard) the rest of the year, which is great news and confirmed by my observations.
    Since late Sept, the place is just great: nice southern breeze, fantastic seaviews with a nice jade / deep blue water colour, very quiet and peaceful place thanks to the huge podium at the foot of the development. You just dont see cars from your windows, which is a welcome change in HK.
    No regret at all - definitely a secret garden in HK, yet to be discovered, and worth taking a look if you are looking for a green and healthy environment in HK.
    Note that transport is not bad at all once you have masterd the mini bus systems, it is even perfect if you are lucky to own a car (car parks around HKD 2k / month, one of the cheapest places to park a car in the SAR)

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    $2000 for a car space in Sham Tseng is actually very expensive.

    Our car space is included with our apartment in Siu Lam, 5 minutes drive further up Castle Peak bay, and parking prices listed on the notice board in our club house, the dearest was $1200, the cheapest was $700 per month....

    I have heard that Tung Chung charges about $2000 per month for the car park also, sounds like the developer owns all the car spaces, extorting the poor bunnies that give in and pay it.

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    Just one more remark: the breeze today is just fantastic, as I write this post from my desk, window open, facing the illuminated Tsing Ma bridge and the Park Island lights. This is gonna be another night without air con and with all windows open, just the cooling fresh breeze coming from the south ....I can't recall many of these quality moments in HK, when you just feel are actually not in HK!

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    PSAMPRAS, on a clear night we can see the Macau Tower and the red neon Sands sign from our Lounge window and from our roof top garden... Sensational when its clear, and absolutely agree about the breeze, its fabulous tonight from where we are a little further down the road from you.

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    Thumbs up Macau View from Siu Lam

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    Amazing what can be seen on the rare ocassion the horizon is pollution free.

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    That's a really nice view.

    Since we are talking about some of the cheapest parking in Hong Kong I thought I would call out that my landlord wants $2000 a year. Seriously.

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    I am really thinking about moving to Sham Tseng. That sounds fatastic!!! How about the rent. it is expensive? Do you guys know how long does it take from Sham Tseng to CUHK? That is my biggest concern since I work over there

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    Thumbs up We love it.

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    We absolutely love where we live, and wouldnt ever consider moving.

    Having a roof top garden, excellent unclutered sea & mountain views, a small beach, and park right opposite our complex, gave us lifestyle options that most properties in HK just don't enjoy.

    Also, being a little more public transport unfriendly, keeps the weekend local BBQ brigade away, and no crowds hovering around your residential grounds by default. Just the way I like it, and wouldnt have it any other way.

    In regard to transport.
    On a good run, the KMB 962 Bus takes 30 minutes to Pacific Place, 45 minutes if traffic is busy, and upto 55 minutes during peak hour.

    No big deal though, and for most people who live in this area, who either work at the airport or in Shenzhen, most, wouldnt be bothered about how far it is from Central.

    Being 18 minutes from the airport by taxi, and 25 minutes from the Sheung Shui / Lo Wu / Shenzhen Bay border is more important to most.

    For those who do make the commute to the island each day, the silence of the location, the great many outdoor activities you can easilly enjoy, right from your doorstep, the much larger apartments ( for a lot less money ), parking usually included, more than makes up for 30 minutes extra commute.

    If you are over the LKF phase, and had a gutfull of the noise, crowds and the lack of space, out our way, certainly has some enjoyable aspects worth considering.

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    Skyhook summarized it all.
    Even for me who commutes to the island every day and do my Investment banking long hours, I find it easy:35min by private mini bus to IFC.
    Then in the evening, I time my departure from office on the regular 962B which takes about the same time back to Bellagio.

    Once my company moves to ICC on Kowloon West side, I ll even get a car park and will be able to drive to work - probably 20 min or so from Sham Tseng to ICC. This, coupled with this daily evening breeze, is just so good...

    I would not be surprised to find some more of Morgan Stanley, Deutsche Bank, UBS and Credit Suisse bankers moving over to Kowloon and NT once these I-Bank will have relocated to ICC over the next 3-4 years.

    Bellagio does have a private shuttle bus to TST, but I am not sure it passes West Kowloon.

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    Thumbs up Excellent Views

    Dining room view
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    Lounge room view
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    Kitchen view
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    Office / Spare bedroom view
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    Master Bedroom view
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    Psampras, it would be great to see some photo's of your view of the Tsing Mah Bridge and the view of HK island from your apartment.

    We can type all the sweet words in the world, photo's are always a great way to support whats been previously discussed.

    When you have views as good as this on a sunny low pollution day, you can see why we chose to live here.

    A trully magnificent location, between Sham Tseng to Butterfly Beach ( Gold Coast in the middle ), along Castle Peak road....

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