TV at Harbourfront Horizon

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    TV at Harbourfront Horizon

    I'm moving to HK in another 2 months. Was thinking to rent a place at Harbourfront Horizon but I heard that the TV channels there are kinda limited and we do not have the option to add on any.

    Anyone stays at HH? Do they have Star Sports channel? I want to be able to watch the F1 races...

    Appreciate any advice. Thanks!

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    Can't answer the question, but there are a few bars in TST east that show it. 5-10 minute walk away along the harbourfront.

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    my 6 month lease expires there end of July and I won't be renewing ... I watched the F1 a few days ago and it was in Cantonese... all other events on that channel have been in English ..
    HFH is a shithole
    Li Ka shing ...doesn't have much integrity in my opinion