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Buying a flat in Baguio Villa

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    Buying a flat in Baguio Villa

    Hi, my husband an I are thinking of buying a flat in Baguio Villa and will start visiting apartments soon. I just have a few questions :

    1. Which section/ block is more preferable ? E.g. The upper ones are better maintained than the lower ones.

    2. Which block/ section is the closest to the minibus station ? Are they noisy at night ?

    3. Do most people walk back from the supermarket ? Is there only one park n shop in the lower Baguio villa ?

    4. Are 28 and 8 still the only means of transportation to Central ?

    5. Is there any cafe / restaurant / tuck shop near buy for a quick snack ?

    6. How convenient is it to get a taxi there ? Do you always have to call for one or they come in from time to time ?

    Thanks so much for your suggestions !

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    1. The estate towers are getting an external renovation now.

    2. Close your windows or choose a higher floor.

    3. Yes most people walk. You can get most stuff delivered if you order over a certain amount.

    4. Taxis, private cars also get you to Central.

    5. Why not walk around the estate and have a look?

    6. Never really an issue in Hong Kong Island.

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    4) Many people also walk down to Cyberport to pick up the buses and minibuses from there.

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    Depends what size flat you are looking for. Upper Baguio the flat sizes are from 1000- 1520 sq ft. Lower Baguio is from 1590 to over 3000 sq ft. Lower baguio is being upgraded, and if you are here, you will see 1 block which is currently being renovated, and the others will also be upgraded in phases.

    The buses are very convenient and very frequent. In the morning they have express buses that go via the expressway and avoid Caine Rd/Bonham Rd. The traffic on Caine has gotten pretty congested.

    Supermarket, the mini buses go up and down Baguio. Costs $1 and get your bulky shopping delivered.

    Wah Fu is the housing estate down the road. Has a Mannings, Japan Home, Pharamcies, 7-11, wet market, hardware store.

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    Go for lower Baguio. You want the supermarket next to you AND the minibus terminus.

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    I grew up in lower Baguio. I would recommend you to buy a flat in Lower Baguio due to the following reasons:

    less dense
    closer to supermarket
    easy access to number 8 minibus (which reaches central faster)
    easy access to cyberport for cinema and 69x minibus (which reaches causeway bay in 20 mins)

    there are also express buses that go directly to exchange square/IFC in the morning in 15 mins intervals... going to work in central literally takes 15-20 mins or so..

    I suppose it also depends on your preferences... regarding size of unit and budget...
    FYI: the apartments above the supermarket and the "shorter" apartment buildings surrounding the swimming pool are around 1000+sqft... all other apartments are 2000+sqft... the largest units are the ones currently under renovation (they have two ensuites)...

    hope this helps...

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