A hostel with personality!

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    A hostel with personality!

    Hi, I am planning to open a hostel.
    Just want to know if a hostel that can provide the basic accommodation needs (such as free internet access, breakfast) and recommed local HK cultural events.

    Do you think $250 per night expensive? And do you think it is a big different for locating it in Yao Ma Tei and Tsim Sha Tsiu?

    If you are a tourist, what are your preference for choosing a hostel?

    Wishing you a Happy New Year!


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    This is the one to beat if you want to raise the bar, and offer a lower cost alternative, with even better decor, and enhanced features and benefits. .


    I have had a few friends stay at this one, and they quiet liked the atmosphere and the friendly people that work there.

    As too location, TST would be your best bet for ease of locating you, most travellers dont venture all that far from TST or HK islands central area's.

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    W Studio is definitely an attractive and well-decorated place! From the website, it shows it aims to serve for long term guest since it only shows monthly rent though I can calculate the daily rent.

    My target group are tourists staying for a week or a few days.

    Thanks for your advice for the location and the comments!