To clarify, I do hear the planes outside, to say otherwise you'd have to be deaf or lying but I absolutely do not hear them inside my flat, whether that is because of where I am facing I do not know, but to say you can hear the cars from the bridge is absolutely ridiculous.

There are 31 blocks here, facing all sorts of directions, from the 2nd floor to the 31st floor, to say all the flats have the same noise levels is like saying they all have the same view or the same neighbours, a bit of critical thinking is useful at times compared to paper stats.

Just because people are complaining about plane noises on the committee doesn't mean it is an issue for most residents, if it is that bad why don't they just move then? Simple as it is hardly like anyone in PI has a lot of history, family or work in the area, they live here because they like it more than other parts of HK (as Bryant noted).

At the end of the day, there are 15k + people that live here on this island and most that I've met from events here seem happy with it, that doesn't mean they won't have complaints, people love to moan!
I think this forum demonstrates how people love to form critical opinions based on no REAL experience on the matter themselves, cars VS PT for example. Have a car, don't have a car...I don't care myself !

Lastly, I'm 98% sure that 'Randy' isn't an estate agent but I am 100% sure he does own that blog (not that anyone thought otherwise), I won't say anymore than that.