Serviced Studio: After viewing of Empire Studio, Cozy Studio

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    Serviced Studio: After viewing of Empire Studio, Cozy Studio

    Recently I am searching a place to live for a month in HK, so I have the chance to see different lower budget studios (around 9000 - 11000 per month).

    I have visited Cozy Studio, the staff was very friendly and helpful. But the place looks nothing like the photos on their websites, it is not very clean. However, i think it worth to view it, maybe they hv something nicer (if you're in HK already).

    For Empire Studio, I have read different good reviews before, but then I found the real place was very disappointing. The staff was very unfriendly, I went there to view the place, she did not say a word when I ask sth, and just went to take a key. I even hesitated if I should go with her when she took a key. She then opened the door of a room (as you expected, still residences there but they went outside), still she did not say a single word. The room looks quite dirty and have weird smell.

    Personally, I think YesinnSpace will be a bit better, their staff is a bit more friendly. And the place looks quite nice.
    I actually went by 238 Apartment, but the staff did not want to talk to me becoz it's fully booked at that moment.

    Actually for those who knows your arrival date earlier, I suggest YWCA Lodge @ Kowloon Tong, their single room starts with 10000, KLN Tong is also a convenient area; Or you may go the Bridge Bay @ Tsuen Wan (just a bit far away, but it's a hotel). Or try Printemp!

    IF you re exchange student in HK, I also saw that in Wan Chai Youth Square, they have a special offer (7500 hkd).

    So good luck to all who are finding a place to stay for a month or two

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    same feeling there~~~their pics and the real room r sooooo different~!lol hope u got a nice room already~!cheers~!