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    Question Tin Hau v. Sheung Wan

    Hello everyone, I'm new to this forum and moving to Hong Kong in a few months.

    I'm trying to decide whether I'm going to start looking for an apartment in the Tin Hau area or in the Sheung Wan area. I'll be working in CWB, so the distance is not an issue in either direction.

    Which area wins, in your opinion? My criteria are

    1) general neighborhood atmosphere - open spaces, traffic
    2) access to open markets, good restaurants
    3) affordable rent

    I've heard Sheung Wan's quiet and charming, while Tin Hau is close to Victoria Park.

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    Talking hello

    Both areas are old or atleast have dominent old buildings. it is up to you which place you will live.:

    However, why you dont stay in Clear Waater BAy area? or repulse BAy? there are many nice buildings. However, all depends on your budget.

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    Both places have several new restaurants and shops.

    Sheung Wan in more hilly and Tin Hau is not.

    I believe the Victoria Park is BONUS and this would be the reason for my choice over Sheung Wan.

    However, you have some months before you come and the property market here moves very quick. So, what you see in one afternoon may already be rented by that evening.

    I would wait to see what type of flats/apartments are available in each location what type of space you can get at certain prices. One area may have more than the other when you are looking.

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    Smile Travel time

    Quote Originally Posted by shafinbutt:

    However, why you dont stay in Clear Waater BAy area? or repulse BAy? there are many nice buildings. However, all depends on your budget.
    How far would that be by bus? I'll be doing the office commute. Have to be in by 9.

    Thanks so much

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    1. I live in Sheung Wan, and quite like it for it's atmosphere (old, quaint shops). However, open spaces it has not (like most of HK). Tin Hau at least is close to Victoria Park, and closer to Happy Valley racecourse if you like running.

    2. Sheung Wan has a council-run market, but it's not the kind of farmers market you get in the west- it's cheap though. It also has a complete dearth of good restaurants (especially Western).

    3. I'm not sure about rent- Sheung Wan seems pretty cheap though.

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    I've lived in both and like them both quite a lot. Be prepared that for a good deal, you will most likely find older buildings and a local neighborhood. I like these points, but not everyone does.

    Sheung Wan (varies depending on if you're close to the harbor or Hollywood Rd)

    Lots of transportation options - multiple trams run along Des Voeux road from SW to the end of the Island, subway station, lots of buses. Close to Macau Ferry terminal. Quick walk in covered walkway from there all the way to Central.

    Restaurants - increasingly more western restaurants in SW, think there are just more foreigners moving in. Good Chiu Chow restaurants around too. Good options and for more upscale, short trip to Central/Soho.

    Supermarkets - there are several within walking distance. A new Park-n-Shop on Des Voeux and its sister store, International, on Queen's Road. There's a Welcome right next door.

    Living - cost noticably lower than Central/mid-levels/happy valley although rent has been going up in SW this past year. Last year, I had a place for 11K w/ roof, but moved after landlord raised the rent. Above the wet market on Queen's Road is the SW Athletic Center. With a HK ID, you can use their squash, badminton courts for cheap.

    Tin Hau

    Also, easy Transportation options, but it is somewhat quieter than SW (except at night when all thing close at SW) unless you live on King's Road (quite noisy with the buses going by), cost of living is a little higher but decent places can still be found, lots of restaurants and plenty of grocery stores. Victoria Park is a plus, because the green space is so hard to find in HK.

    There is a swimming pool in the park that is open in the summer, tennis courts, jogging track.

    Given that you work at CB, I'd choose Tin Hau. SW's convenience to Central was the best perk for me.

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    depends on your lifestyle.

    TinHau is good as it is easy access of the metro and wide selection of restaurants for singles. I tried to get my friends to hang out in Causeway by but it is just too busy and not as nice.

    I'll definitely move out from Tinhau to Sheung Wan as soon as this contract finish.

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    Your feedback was helpful! I'm not afraid of the language barrier, and I'm very interested in learning local food. I'm a decent cook, so I have no problem either way. (Now, to learn to say a few things when I go the wet market).

    I think I'll take my chances and do a few more trips around both these neighborhoods. I've observed that rent is rising quickly, though, so I'm definitely hurrying.


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