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Landlord/Contract Issues

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    Raccon--no, no new agreement. I have had only one agreement. As TheBrit mentioned, the lease has the standard one month notice situation (which is how they've raised the rent). I should add that it is very clear in the lease that I am not responsible for repairs as long as I don't damage the structure, etc.
    Ehm yes... of course it is common in this market for the landlord to use the expiration of the first year (or whatever period) lock-in period to threaten to use his right to give notice and use this tactic to drive through a rent increase. There is no rent increase protection in this city, so why wouldn't he. It is always worth a try right

    But you still sign a new lease when you have agreed on the new rent if you let him increase it! You lock in a new 12-month (or whatever) period of the new rent, and then the game will start again.

    Unless I have misunderstood the story, you are saying that you agreed to a rent increase but are still operating under the old lease? So you are just paying a little extra every month without that being recorded in a lease, let alone registered in the land registry's lease register?

    So if the landlord gets it into his head to raise the rent again next month, you'll happily go along?

    It is no surprise the landlord is pulling this TV trick on you now then. You have basically hung a sign around your neck saying 'milk me.'

    I would fix the lease problem first, then talk about the TV. The TV problem is really simple to solve.

    1. Have it scrapped from the inventory list. Buy a new TV. Keep it. Cherish it. Love it.


    2. Make a fuss insisting that the landlord buys a new second TV. Landlord gets annoyed with such a troubling tenant in this hot rental market. Landlord gives you notice. You have to find a new place. The new place does not have a TV. You buy a new TV. Keep it. Cherish it. Love it.
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    How was TV broke ? Was that old or by someone mistake, if you caused it, you need to take responsibility.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Joseph098765:
    How was TV broke ? Was that old or by someone mistake, if you caused it, you need to take responsibility.
    This point has already been addressed

    Carang brings up an interesting point though, he could blame me for breaking the TV and say I had to replace it (although he has not). It was a genuine malfunction of the TV, however.

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    Yeah, as the Brit mentioned, the TV was old and had a bit of a flicker to start. The Landlord knows this and hasn't said anything to the contrary.

    Well, a bit of an update: things played out pretty much as I expected but with a bit of a twist at the end.

    I responded to the landlord saying that it was too bad that the TV couldn't be fixed and I was hoping to get some kind of replacement.

    The landlord responded saying he would keep on asking friends to see if they have an old TV.

    I replied that another way we could deal with it is to do two more months at the old rent instead of replacing the TV. That would split the cost and time for both of us. (This would amount to a $1400 savings on my end.)

    He refused saying the market price of the flat is still $1600 less per month than this month’s market value. (Values have risen since we negotiated.) He said he only raised the rent $700 because I’m a friend of a friend and that my suggestion was not possible. He did say he will keep looking for a TV from his friends, though.

    So, I’m kind of in the situation Vantastic mentioned above. And I’m feeling a bit foolish that it took the TV to make me wake up to the larger lease issue. (Go easy, first time renter here.)

    I am now worried that if I bring up registering the lease, it will look like tit-for-tat and as mentioned above, I could be out on my ear in a very hot rent market. The alternative is I could wait and then find out the next part of the lease he will choose to disregard.

    What's the emoticon for facepalm again?

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