Park Island?

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    Park Island?


    I'm looking into moving back to Hong Kong, I've heard of pretty good things about Park Island. Does anyone know much about this place? Oppnions/Ideas? My budget is about 1k per month. I will be working near central


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    do you mean 10k / month? or is it $1k uSD? we live there and if you work in central it's very convenient, your commute will be about 25min on the ferry and then depending on where in central, walk from the pier to the office. ferry runs every 15min during AM rush hr, and 20min in the PM rush hr - it runs 24hrs/day. We like it there because it's secluded, depending on the block you're in, the units are quite efficient (space-wise) and the bedrooms are not as tiny as some city apts. Very relaxing to come home to peaceful surroundings after a hectic day in the crowded city. Although I would highly suggest looking at the lower # blocks / earlier phases - closest to the bus terminal and ferry pier - MUCH more convenient. There are times when the shuttle makes it way up through the stops to the newer phase, most seats are taken and sometimes the shuttle is already full and doesn't stop anymore. so you'd wanna live close to the main terminal so you'd be guaranteed a seat on the shuttle.

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    Let's assume you mean 1K USD per month, which is less than HK$8,000. Yes, you should be able to get a flat for that price in Park Island, but it will be less than 700 sq ft and maybe lower floor.

    Regarding the previous post: Phase 5 (block 26-31) is also close enough to the ferry and bus terminal. About 5 minutes walk via an escalator. Even for block 10-15, walking is not really a problem.

    The crowded bus will not be too much of an issue if you take the ferry to Central every morning.