where I can live with 6000 per month in HK?

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    where I can live with 6000 per month in HK?

    I have to move out of my flat soon but it is getting expensive everywhere.
    Please give me a suggestion.. where I can still live below 6K per month? around 400sq...

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    New territories for that kind of money, plenty of village houses with one floor, Try Tai Po and Sha Tin and places like that.

    Not sure what rents are like in Sai Kung now but I was paying $6000 for a floor in a village house 18 months ago.

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    One Floor is possible in Sai Kung. But depending on the location, you might not be looking at 700sq ft. You might be able to get a 4-500 sq feet apt ina nice location for your budget.

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    You'll get about 350 ft for 6K inclusive in an older, say 15-20 years, high rise building in Kennedy Town...think about this area.

    Kennedy Town is very cheap for travel to Central, $2 by tram, about $5 by bus, maybe $25 by taxi,which takes only less than 10 mins.

    Shopping is OK and not expensive, a couple of good pubs and a growing expat community.

    If you want a good agent in this area, PM me and I'll pass the details.

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    Lamma Island

    Take the ferry from quay number 4 to Lamma Island and have a look. You should be able to get a place for 6k and possibly with nice balcony/rooftop/garden too. It's only 20 minutes from central and never any hazzle with traffic jams

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    What about Peng Chau? Very cute little isand. Quiet. Quaint. Very cheap.

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    Thank You Everybody!

    This is very helpful! Thank you very much!
    I am currently living in Saiwanho and the place I was paying 5000 HKD 2years ago is now advertised as 7500. I think it is 30 to 50% up in 2 years.

    Today I just went to check LAMMA ISLAND!
    It seems like... 350SQF -> around 4500. And I don't know why but in lamma, most of 350 apartment seems like much bigger than HK islands' 350. I always love this place except once an hour ferry... there is no way to go home after 12:30.
    And I heard they are going to raise the ferry fare..

    Seems like I have to check other places as well.
    how is transportation in saikung? mini bus??

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    Quote Originally Posted by tora-chan:
    And I heard they are going to raise the ferry fare..
    and lessen the frequency...at least in the short term

    yeah, Sai Wan Ho's heating up with the new office space in One Island Place opening up...our 10K was set to jump to 15k after 2 years so we hit the road...how about flat sharing? you could get a very decent place for your budget if you chip in with someone else...
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    Lofts in Hong Kong Island Hot Spots

    Google City Loft. About 6-10K a month and monthly leases. Not sure how big it is though.

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    Wink lamma ferry

    less frequency than now....?? and it might go up in the future..... mmm.... now their ferry is only once in an hour after around 8:00..

    I really love lamma island and I have visited there many times from my saiwanho flat on weekends.
    It is great to live there I am sure.. but that ferry must be sometimes inconvenient after going to the gym or having dinner at HK island.. (being tired and have to wait long time for ferry...)

    Flatshare is ok but it takes time to find a flatmate.. well, if I get two rooms in lamma, it might be fun though.

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