Reviews on Econroom??

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    Reviews on Econroom??

    Hi folks,
    I'm going to be moving to HK for about 2 years and am trying to find a serviced apartment/studio for the 1st month that I'm there, will be arriving on June 15th.

    My budget is around $8K to $10K since my company doesn't pay for temporary housing or anything... =/ And I want to stay close to Causeway Bay and neighboring regions since my company's in the Time Square building.

    I've been searching and searching and have concluded on 3 choices.
    1. Emperor Hotel in Happy Valley - $400K/night for minimum 30 night stays, heard from someone on here that they're pretty good.
    2. Empire Studios in Causeway Bay - Cause it seems like folks on here says they're good.
    3. Econroom (various locations) - I don't remember if I ever emailed them, but got a response back saying they have rooms, but can't find ANY reviews on them... ANYONE??

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    stay away from econroom

    the site is a scam site. there's a reason there's no addresses posted, it's bc they don't have any. they want to take your money via pay pal, and they want info about you (passport info, driver's license, checking number). don't be fooled by the nice website, visa logos and pictures.

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    thanks for your warning, I figured as much since I can't seem to find anything about them.
    I was able to procure empire studios, so I'm all set!

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    I am going to move to HK this July. Was looking for accommodation for about a month. The reviews posted on this site about Empire Studio seems to be good. Just wanted to confirm whether it is safe and really good before proceeding to booking.