My wife is about to give birth any time now and we desperately need to move to a bigger place - now it is 400 sqf.

We have tenancy contract signed until August - at a rate HKD 6,000 per month. The landlord says he will let us move out if we can find a tenant willing to sign up for 12 moths at HK$ 7,000 (the property prices increased dramatically since last year, so 7K in this location is still a good deal - for a flat with a partial view to Times Square).

We have already secured a similar, but a bit larger flat (650 sqf) also in Causeway Bay - we are ready to sign the contract as soon as we find somebody to take over our lease, but the new landlord will not hold it for more than 2 weeks.

If you are interested in living in the heart of Causeway Bay (there is no street noise in the flat, come and see by yourself) - you would be located in the very heart of Causeway Bay – so you don’t have to worry about great food – it’s all in a short walking distance. Delicious food with very affordable prices is available just downstairs. You can get quality European full breakfast at 25 HKD ( around 3 USD), or local noddle with shrimp-filled dumplings at 20 HKD ( less than 3 USD) within 20 steps from your door. Fine dim-sum, Cantonese lunch and dinner are some of the most favourite cuisine in Hong Kong. You can choose to go to Food Forum in Times Square (4 floors filled with cosmopolitan and oriental restaurants with nice decor and good food) or to Causeway Bay Plaza, Elizabeth House (and so many more), where the prices are more budget wise (like 10 HKD for 3 large bottles of Heineken or Carlsberg beers when a (reasonably priced) dinner is ordered). If you like sushi, we recommend to try Sushi One Bar – just behind the corner - not only do they have affordable prices, but also a stunning, and the longest restaurant aquarium for patrons to admire – not to mention yummy, melting ultra fresh salmon, tuna, shrimps and other various super delicious sashimi and sushi – it’s just Number One.

If, however, you are not a huge fan of raw fish – why not to try some spicy Thai cuisine which is 3 minutes walk away - “mama-min” – seafood with noodles or a pineapple fried rice and wash it down with a lychee's cocktail. If you still feel your taste buds have not been completely satisfied, you can pop in to Haagen-Dazs on your way home to pamper yourself with ice-cream and fruit chocolate fondue.

If you are scared of experiments though – you can visit Starbucks, 24h McDonalds, KFC, 7-Eleven – all within less than 2 minutes walk from your doorstep.

Causeway Bay is the place to live, but for the 3 of us - this place will be a bit too small - so if you would like to see some pictures - I can email or you can come and see the flat personally - please call me at: +852 601 48 204 or PM me anytime.