diplomatic type break clause in lease

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    diplomatic type break clause in lease

    After much searching I have found a place to rent in hong kong and will be signing a lease next monday.

    I just wanted to check with you all, if in hk normally there is a clause in the lease that allows you to break it before the first year is up if you need to leave the country?

    I know these sort of clauses used to be referred to as a diplomatic clause.

    I understand the whole, 2 years lease with second year optional etc..

    But just in case I need to escape the country in the first year I was wondering what protection I have.

    Any comments/feedback from your own experience would be appreciated.


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    A lease contract is based upon the agreement between the two contracting side.
    You can make any amendments to it and add clauses as long as both parties agree and BOTH sign the changes.