accomodations near University of Hong Kong

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    accomodations near University of Hong Kong

    Hi. I will be moving to Hong Kong in late August to work on my dissertation at HKU for the year. I was wondering if anyone had advice on where to look for accomodations, both 1 and 2 bedroom furnished apartments. My budget is about 7,000 for a 1 bedroom or about 15,000 for a 2 bedroom apartment. I would prefer to live near the university but will take suggestions regarding the surrounding area. Thanks in advance for any responses. I appreciate this helpfulness of this forum.


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    Apartment near to the HKU

    I have a two rooms apartment near to the HKU and is in SoHo, looking for rental of HK$18,000 pm. However, if you are interested, I will be most happy to rent it to you slightly below market price, as you rent directly from me as owner. You may wish to sign the lease in the lawyer's office.

    The Apartment is Grandview Gardens at the Bridges Road, which is very near to the Escalator and right in the heart of SoHo (but is away from all its noise). It has been renovated recently. There is very nice city view. It will be advertised in the SCMP on 25, 26 and 27 July 2008.

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