Tin Shui Wai - anyone there

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    Tin Shui Wai - anyone there

    Just wandering if there is anyone staying there? There is this service apartment called Harbour Plaza Resort, and also a new apartment development new door that is ready to move in?

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    I'm currently living in TSW but never heard about Harbour Plaza Resort. I'm staying in Lockwood Court. Where are you?

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    A friend of mine who used to stay there is moving back in prior to leaving Hong Kong - not because he likes it, but because it's close to his work and he needs a furnished place after dispatching his belongings.

    The minimum room rate quoted is $5,900 - he suspects this conceals various essential add-ons, and would also entail a lengthy lease (say 12 months or more). They've withdrawn all the deals and offers and jacked the prices up since Disney opened: it's a direct drive onto the highway down to the park with virtually no hold up spots (traffic lights and so on). I've heard that Disney staff are accommodated there, as well as visitors, so it's mostly fully booked these days.

    There are 2 towers, one supposedly for hotel rooms and the other for long stay apartments - all told, quite a big place in the middle of nowhere.

    It's a pretty grim and soulless place to stay in with the worst hotel bar I've ever encountered. Nevertheless, some guests stay there for years, probably because they don't have the initiative to look after themselves. Can't think of any other reason.

    You'd do much better getting a small flat; Lockwood (Phase One) was the old 'centre' of Tin Shui Wai before all the development in the north - it's convenient but a bit run down compared to the later phases and all the other new blocks that are going up - however, they're likely to be pricey. Easy to find somewhere for less than $4,500.

    Good luck

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    Another property own by Mr. Li Ka Shing

    is kinda like a hotel....

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    you should check out century park towers! the buildings are new. in fact, the lobbies are still covered with white paper.

    it's a very impressive condo. i rented a furnished 2 bedroom flat for only 6,300. according to my property agent, there's another one available for 6,000 partly furnished.

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    Well, I'm a happy inhabitant of the Central PArk Towers. Very nice and amazing view.
    And public transport is so conventient

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    Quote Originally Posted by lisabui:
    I'm currently living in TSW but never heard about Harbour Plaza Resort. I'm staying in Lockwood Court. Where are you?

    Its the hotel attached to the Ginza shopping centre...from Lockwood court if you look up the road you will see a glass fronted tower..that is the Harbour Plaza...not sure how you have missed it to be honest...

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    I am currently staying at Harbour Plaza Resort. It is really far from the island. Not recommended. However, the rooms are nice, nice swimming pool, gym...but it is not worthy travelling for 1hour...