Where to find furnished town houses/apartments?

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    Cool Where to find furnished town houses/apartments?

    My husband is being moved to Hong Kong next summer as IT director (I know still some time left).
    Our Expat-contract will only be for one year, max for 2 years. Therefore we wouldn't want to move all our furniture over. So I've been looking for furnished town houses or apartments. But all I seem to be able to find are "serviced apartments" and those are just unbelievable expensive

    Anybody out there knows where to find furnished apartments or best town houses, Hong Kong Island or Kowloon/Clearwater Bay


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    I suggest check with your relocation company as they tend to have access to "corporate leases" these are townhouses / apartments that are furnished and with utilities.

    However, it may be more practical to negiotate a lease and go to Ikea or Price Rite to get general furniture than "corporate lease." Corporate leases in Hong Kong tend to be in the similar to greater price tag than service apartments.

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    Thanks...I was hoping to get around having to put up furniture...and then we would have to get rid of everything after such a short time (1-2 years contract)...let's cross our fingers we'll find something suitable

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    Actually there are places that will rent furniture.

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