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Any happy housewife in HK with no kids?

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    Quote Originally Posted by dipstick
    describe looks
    I'm not sure it was her face he was looking at!

    I must admit my Nepal hiking skirt was longer than a tennis skirt. But quick-dry and something I didn't care about getting a little dirty.

    Having said that - the hike Grunt is talking about could be done in a flowery summer dress without a great deal of stress!

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    Quote Originally Posted by MovingIn07
    I'm not sure it was her face he was looking at!

    I must admit my Nepal hiking skirt was longer than a tennis skirt. But quick-dry and something I didn't care about getting a little dirty.

    Having said that - the hike Grunt is talking about could be done in a flowery summer dress without a great deal of stress!
    As long as its not Grunt in the flowery summer dress

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    Quote Originally Posted by benenden00
    Hi. I am a housewife living in HK with no kids. I've been living here for just over a year and am not very happy in this city cuz it has dirty air, unhygenic environment, unsightly buildings (that look half demolished), water dropping over your head on streets (feels filthy), bad odors (I have super sensitive nose..), dear food (eating out is one of the most expensive in the world), unhealthy cooking style (use of MSG and oil), rude or non-sensical people (they don't walk away but stand right in front of where you come out of the escalators- it's v. dangerous! Can kill many people if it leads to an accident. They don't consider others when walking on streets- hardly try to avoid the person coming from the opposite direction. This is just an example.)- my HK friends tell me HK has changed a lot since a lot of mainland Chinese moved into the city. Mind you, all my HK friends were educated in the UK, so local HKers might think differently.

    I briefly lived in Kowloon Station (The Arch) as my Hubby lived there as a bachelor, and then moved over to Olympic (The Hermitage) a year ago. I have visited acquaintances living in Sai Wan Ho, Taikoo, Hung Hom, Soho (Centre Stage) and Tung Chung, and I feel Kowloon St. and Olympic St. are more modern/contemporary, clean and convenient within 10 mins commuting distance by MTR to Central, hence living in these districts reduce all the cons I listed up there to a maximum. (apartments are directly connected from the MTR stations through the malls- air conditioned all the way, big supermarkets/grocery stores, 5 star club houses, good security, no cockroaches, no brown water, no or little noise, more spaces between buildings/apartments, etc) Of course, I cannot do anything about unhealthy cooking style- it's part of HK culture, I guess. And expensive eating out costs? I just reduce the no. of eating outs. Rude people? I find more of them in Olympic than in Kowloon. Kowloon station in general has a lot less people in the mall- I guess because it is more expensive to hang out there (it has all the luxury brands, Chanel for women and Berluti for men), whilst Olympian City has Uniqlo and H&M.

    Anyway, in both places, I feel lonely. It seems an expat community is formed mostly in HK Island. I find both in Kowloon and in Olympic, there are a lot more mainland Chinese ppl than expats. I haven't been able to make friends here as I don't speak Chinese and have no kids.

    I am wondering if moving to HK Island side, specifically to Pok Fu Lam (The Belcher's) or Happy Valley would increase my chance of making friends with expat housewives. From my experience, most housewives are too busy with their kids to play with me (rare to find a housewife like me), so I am looking for a no-kid housewife community.

    Does anyone know an expat or English speaking housewife with no kids in Olympic or Kowloon area? If not, where do you suggest I move to? I don't like Soho or Mid-levels as they are too congested.

    Any expat housewife happily living in The Belcher's or Happy Valley? Anyone living in Caroline Heights can tell me pros and cons?

    I want some green too. I prefer mountain to sea. Anyone living in North Point can advise me which area is suitable for a couple with no kid and has a 3-br flats with size approx. 1000 sqf? We don't want over 1000 sqf size.

    Any comments would be appreciated. Thanks.
    I would suggest you and your "hubby" move back to wherever you came from! Problem solved!

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    This is one of the most heart warming and wonderful threads I've read on here in recent times. Really reminds me what I love so much about geoexpat and how grateful I am (and I'm sure most members are) of how positive and useful a resource this is.

    Dear OP - If it wasn't already clear from the majority of the generous posters so far... Don't lose heart, you'll be ok, and the way to pick things up won't be as hard as it feels like will be at the moment! Don't worry too much about how any of these initial steps will solve your plethora (and you do have a few!) of gripes about Hong Kong, just have faith that the problem doesn't really lie within those superficial issues. When you find something that reignites you as a person and gets you out of bed in the morning, very quickly you'll start seeing everything else falls into place and dare I say, what was once an annoyance will turn into a novelty and quirk of this truly unique place.

    Hong Kong is a wonderfully vibrant and friendly place on many levels and you don't necessarily need to be the world's most social type A extrovert to tap into it and to find your own place and connections with it. Expats here are generally very open and welcoming (so long as you also make the conscious choice to be so too), and people are just so much more up for meeting up and networking spontaneously than in many other capital cities in the world.

    Your first attempt to reach out may not yield the life changing results you'd hope but that's ok, you just try again with yet another activity, group, or meetup that has something in it that you're excited about ("are there any childless housewives", and "will this group help me feel more at home in HK" are NOT valid criteria for picking what to join / do!). If nothing happens, hell who cares, you still had a good time doing stuff you like. And sooner or later, you'll get into your groove and find that the handful of good supportive friends you've made are not necessarily childless housewives, but maybe crochet-knitting heavy metal Buddhists whom you never ever thought you'd befriend!

    Finally, I wanted to raise a thought for you to consider that still amazes me every day I'm here. There are some people with many of life's comforts and perhaps even great wealth, who can still be deeply unhappy with their situation and life here, yet there are also some people who have so little and live in such cramped conditions here yet have so much joy and contentment in comparison. I'm not judging you or your situation, nor suggesting that wealth is a bad thing (and well done if you've managed to achieve great things in this respect), but I guess what I am saying is that it's worth considering how some of these comforts and capabilities can in fact be a barrier to ones own situation (and happiness) especially in a city like Hong Kong that has such an obsession with money and all things it can buy - it's all too easy (and understandable when one does) to get lost in the fickleness of this when the cues are all around us, in this relatively tiny and cramped, but at the same time, full of life and unique place.

    Good luck, and you'll be fine

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    Some good advice being offered here but you still seem to be spending a lot of time writing about the negative aspects of your stay here.

    Whatever activity etc. you find that releases you from this depressing stage will start with having a positive outlook....

    ..... so come on, cheer the f**k up!

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    I'm not a housewife, but I am a young person living in Happy Valley. I am from America and just moved here from Japan. I'm just chillin with my cat. Come say hi!

    Happy Valley seems really nice from what I can tell. People here are a lot more friendly than in Japan, and I do appreciate that.

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