Help!! Apartments that allow dogs on Hong Kong island!

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    Help!! Apartments that allow dogs on Hong Kong island!

    Hi. My husband and I are moving to HK with our dog - I have done some searches online and have only found Shama's Soho location that allows pets. Anywhere else??

    I read some of the previous posts about bringing pets from the US to HK. Honestly they were very confusing. Just wondering if anyone has done it by herself - is it doable? I highly doubt that my husband's firm would pay US$4K to move a dog! :>

    Thank you!

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    Pets on Hong Kong Island

    When we moved here from the US a year ago, I brought two cats. We saw about 15 apartments and the only places that wouldn't accept pets is the serviced apartments (apartments that are usually furnished - furniture, cookware, etc. that has a maid come in and clean, do dishes, change linens, etc. a few times a week.) You do pay 2-3 months deposit with any apartment, so I don't think the landlords really care about the pets potentially damaging anything. It's my understanding (at least in our building) that the floors and walls are resurfaced when we move out, so we're not responsible for normal wear and tear. I see tons of dogs being walked everyday, so it's very common for people here to have pets. It is expensive to ship the animals but luckily my husband's company paid for that. Try to get it included in his relocation package.

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    yes, its just the serviced apartments that don't allow them.

    as for doing the import paperwork, etc yourself, sure you can do it. the gov has actually put on the web the forms you need and outlined the steps. there is one step that as i recall its preferable if you have someone here on the ground to pick something up from them, but there are ways around it. there is a link on one of the related threads here to the gov page. aside from this, i suspect there may be slightly cheaper import/export agents--you might try dropping a few an email. when we moved with our dog from ny, i googled them and found several.

    also, you'll need to contact the airline you're going to use for them as soon as possible to reserve space for them and find out what conditions, forms, certifications, etc you need for the airline to accept them. this is something the agents would ordinarily do for you.

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    Talking I believe it's much cheaper

    Yes the paperwork is the key Have the vet help also the paperwork needs to go to Hk and back, Then buy a sky kennel and take them on as excess baggage. but do it before the middle of may as it will get to hot in Hk to get them in. So get started now!