HKU postgrad student with a tight budget searching for a room!

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    Unhappy HKU postgrad student with a tight budget searching for a room!

    Hi all, I am a student from Singapore who will be starting my course in Mphil soon, coming Jan 2014. I've so far been unsuccessful with HKU postgrad accommodation application, and with such a short notice, it is really hard for me to find a place near HKU...
    As I am a self-funded Mphil student (i.e. no scholarship), I am really living on a tight budget. I can only afford a monthly rental of 2500-3000 HKD for a room. Right now, I can't find anything suitable with my budget... Hence I would like to know if anyone out here have any advice on room sharing and such. I have contacted HKU's CEDARS for help, but they can't seems to give me any better advice, accept for the "copy and paste" answers from their accommodation website.

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    As you are self funded, you may not be admitted into the post grad accomodation with ease as you are the last priority among all applicants. If you dont mind commuting, you can search for accomodation near prince edward, sham shui po on the kowloon side..
    I am not familiar with the southside and western district in hk island..may be other readers can suggest places along chai wan or ap lei chau etc..
    I will be very difficult to find a single room for can expect anything around 3000+..
    The best option is to rent a home with few class mates and take a room for yourself...the univ has bbs forums where you can find several master degree students from china advertising or looking for room mates!!

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    You should be able to find a flatshare in Western for that price, but it will be a very small room. You could also get an even smaller apartment in an old building, possibly one of those tiny subdivided jobs, but I wouldn't suggest it as they're basically accidents waiting to happen!