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Apartment blocks with good facilities in mid- levels

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    Sent u a pm

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    Ignore anyone sending private messages offering estate agency services. Better to get someone local close to where you live. Good English normally means "expat prices"!

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    In addition to the great suggestions already given, my 'fresh off the boat expat' colleagues with children and budgets in your range have liked:
    - Repulse Bay apartments (less centrally located but all of them have found it very convenient to get to central from there)
    - Park View (ditto)
    -Bamboo Grove (they loved the convenience of being in Wanchai + facilities)
    - Dynasty Court (midlevels! Facilities!)
    - Tavistock (ditto and arguably better value for money as it shares Aigburth's facilties)
    - Aigburth (not sure if that's priced out of your budget though)
    - Hillsborough (more modest facilities than the others but lovely 'green' feel)

    They've found it easy to make friends with other expat families with kids there, and the children have lots of play dates

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    Check out Realty Gardens. Excellent facilities. Pool, gym, shuttle bus etc. Close to some walking trails. Lots of expats with children and pets. Great bit of history behind it as well.

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    As already mentioned by others, I'd suggest you have a look at Discovery Bay. Some love it, some hate it but it's very family orientated, very expat friendly and pretty convenient for working in Central. It's worth a look if only to compare what your money gets you versus Mid-levels versus Happy Valley etc.

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