Any info on Glory Rise, North Point

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    Any info on Glory Rise, North Point

    Hi all,

    Was thinking of buying/renting into a building called "Glory Rise", near the North Point MTR Station.

    1 bedrooms are 200 sq ft units (net) and 2 bedrooms are 300 sq ft units (net).

    Newer building (6 years old), and rent prices seem to start about $8,000/month, and purchase prices seem to start around $1.6M for the upper floors, smaller units.

    Any info/experiences would be welcome!


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    i think the prices are a little under-quoted. glory rise is going for about at least 12-13k per month for the bigger units and 10k for the smaller units.

    selling price is also hitting the 2 million mark for the smaller units.

    i view a few apartments there, very convenient. close to markets and everything is readily available. but that area can be pretty noisy due to the traffic on the roads. In the day, there is a bazaar market along marble road, so expect crowd.

    have to say, this is great if MTR is your main form of transportation.