Housing Advice Needed - early Feb move-in

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    Question Housing Advice Needed - early Feb move-in

    Hi all,

    I am doing some legwork on a new apartment for an early Feb move in (ideally, Feb 9th or 10th move-in, which may be hard because of CNY, but I'm hoping that works out), and was curious as to what suggestions there are for good areas to look.

    I work in Central and am hoping to spend somewhere in the 25-30k range per month (I'd prefer cheaper if possible - I heard Lohas might be in the mid-to-high teens?) for a two bedroom somewhere in the 800-1000 usable sq ft range (it's odd that that HK seems to prefer to just subdivide more smaller rooms rather than having larger rooms with the same sq footage - most apts in that range seem to be 3-4 bedrooms min...?). I'd like to be able to commute to work in under 30 minutes (bus, MTR, ferry, whatever is fine) and have a late night taxi commute home in under 30 mins (as I likely have a lot of overtime in my future). Additionally, I'd prefer to have a view that isn't of someone else's kitchen (so that rules out most of the older (i.e. 30+ year old) buildings/areas, I think). Finally, I'd like to be near wet markets/super markets for shopping as well as local restaurants (I love hole-in-the-wall type places for local eats).

    I talked to some agents in TKO area today, and went and saw a place in Ocean Shores as well as The Wings (I really like that The Wings is a very new construction - just completed in 2013, I was told?), but the bedrooms are terrifyingly small. The 2 bedroom I saw in The Wings was high 500s in sq footage, but I don't think my queen-sized bed would fit in the "master" bedroom, and my air mattress /definitely/ won't fit in the second bedroom.

    So, I'd love to get recommendations as to buildings/areas where I can find a larger master bedroom and living in the rough square footage that I'm looking for, ideally without all of the extra smaller bedrooms that I won't be using for anything?

    Any recommendations welcome! Thanks!


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    I would suggest you have a look at this area : Kwun Tong - Lam Tin - Yau Tong

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    Typically newer buildings have very small flats with small bedrooms. They will put 2 bedrooms in 400-500 sq ft and 3 bedrooms in 600-800 sq ft and so on. It's difficult to find a 2 bedroom 1000 sq ft per say in a newer building. You can check out older buildings with new renovation if you'd like the larger room sizes. CNY is end of January so you should be fine looking in early Feb and moving in shortly thereafter.