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Working around Hung Hom Station - Where to live if we want fresh air?

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    Just saw this thread and couldnt help LOL really Hard.
    "Where to live if we want fresh air?".

    This forum is the last place to ask this question, havent read page 1 or 2 has it been bombarded with data / statistics yet Hahaaahaaa, most will probably reply 'THERE IS NO FRESH AIR"

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    average walk via short cut is indeed 20mins, via bypassing the metropolis complex ( walking the adjacent the road, then crossing over to the walkway to hung luen rd, pass the smelly drainage storage centre) , if you go via actually designated signed directions, it's closer to 27-30 goes via hung ling rd, closer to whampoa, on a rainy day, preferable as it's mostly covered until u go pass habour place, then towards ferry

    yes, it's pretty sweaty, plus the ferry is very infrequent due to lack of demand, not ideal at all

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    Quote Originally Posted by cetsi:
    If you want a shorter commute, you might consider Festival City at Tai Wai as an alternative to Kowloon Tong - the extra 13 minutes spent on the train would be offset
    Actually 4 minutes.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jaykay:
    Actually 4 minutes.
    Quite right. I was using Google Maps to estimate, and didn't realize that the time listed includes walking and waiting.