leaving an apartment...HELP!

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    leaving an apartment...HELP!

    Hi all,

    My husband and me would love to change our current apartment to one in another district.
    We visited some flats yesterday and found THE one we want!
    The problem is that in our flat, the contract says that in case we want to leave, we have to inform the landlord 2 months in avance.
    The landlord of the apartment we are interested in will probably not wait so long

    Do you think the 2 months prior notice can be reduced to 1 month? If we find a new tenant for him, does it help to negotiate?

    Thanks all

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    you are welcome to leave your flat early, you just won't get your deposit back...
    you need to decide if the flat you really want is worth it. we have once decided that the new flat was worth it and didn't get our deposit back. for us we were happy with the decision. (it wasn't a huge amount of money anyway)

    of course, if you find a new tenant yourself, then you might have more power in negotiating. but keep in mind it is you that wants to leave...the l/l doesn't have to be "reasonable" at all, he just needs to follow the lease.