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    Smile Share flat please!

    Hi All,

    Never used one of these forums before so this might not even work! but if it does then does anybody have or know of any of the following :

    I am moving from UK to HK in september and will be living ther for 1 year. Im looking for a place to live, Id like to share with 1 or 2 people, preferebaly a serviced apartment but normal flat is cool.

    Ill be working in the Gateway,TST, so would like to live somewhere near there or even in wanchai/causeway bay area.

    Im 23 and i love partying so anyone with any quiet restrictions would not want me!haha

    anyone know of anythin?
    can spend up to 7k a month

    Cheers all

    If you wanna email me personally - [email protected]


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    Oy Belford - this is my town! Welcome to Geoexpat

    If you weren't so young and loud, I'd suggest you could look at my place, but I don't think that's going to happen. You're not going to get too much in the way of something serviced for 7k, but you might be able to find a nice inclusive flatshare for that much. It might be a bit soon to be looking though, since shares tend to come available at relatively short - less than a month - notice.

    Other than that, if you need help/advice/whatever, drop me a line. And I guess I'll have to stand you a drink or two once you make it over.

    I hope you guess my name?