Harbour Place - Hung Hom

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    Angry Harbour Place - Hung Hom

    Warning ***** Hung Hum Bay Harbour Place Tower 3, 11D. DO Not go there!

    Horrible landlord from mainland china. Claimed she has HKID but cannot speak a word of Cantonese.

    When we returned the property, we even patched all the holes and painted the wall for her. She didn't return our deposit back because she wants us to put the whole house window safety frame for her which was not reasonable. When we moved in,there were no safety window frames, plus it is not written in the contract to ask us to install for her. Midland Agency also could not do much he said. So we need to go to legal process but it is just a pain to deal with the landlord.

    She already increased our rent 15% after 1 year contract, we stayed because it was tough to move with young children after 1 year. During the 2 years stay, she didn't want to fix the problem with the washing machine and air-con, she said its not her issues. Lots of issues.

    If you and your friend want to rent in Hung Hom Harbour Place, just be ware of this landlord/property. Don't want another family to suffer.

    She mentioned she wants to get Japanese/foreigner tenant. Just be careful !

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    hate landlord like this! Thank you for sharing this, Appreciate !