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Luking for a 2 room set or shared accomation for 2 mnths..pls help

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    Quote Originally Posted by GeoSteve:

    Ripping into someone because their English isn't their first language/spelt correctly or a regional dialect is not funny or clever and is petty.

    On the thread where someone was looking for accommodation, several people took the route of pointing mistakes and ridiculing them instead of helping out. “Liking” such posts is equally uncalled for.

    If your comprehension skills are limited and you cannot understand what someone is saying, move on — someone else can help and you can focus on discussions you understand.

    Needless to say, we are not aiming for an over-moderated community. We’re aiming for a community that recognises differences, accepts them and moves on if the only thing they can say is not something they’d say if they were talking to that individual in person.

    Thank you.
    thnx 4 the feedbak geostev. i dont thnk peopl are ripping into any1 becuz of ther heritag. it's the txting speak. txtng gnrtrtn as shri says. thnx.

    Sorry OP. We're just a bunch of old fogies over here. Carry on...
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    Quote Originally Posted by HK_Katherine:
    If you cannot understand a question its hard to help. And much of the problem was not due to "indian english" but due to "txtspeak" which can be incomprehensible.
    I understand but there is no need what so ever to resort to name calling which had happened in earlier posts by others. That sort of behaviour you would expect in a school playground.