Are multiple pets allowed in HK Rentals?

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    Are multiple pets allowed in HK Rentals?

    My wife and I may be moving to HK and we want to bring our two dogs and one cat. I've seen the list of pet-friendly places (thanks) but do people know if multiple pets are generally allowed in one apartment?

    We'll be visiting within a month to look at housing and I work for a large bank. The bank will be providing a housing allowance although the details are not finalized...

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    Yes. My neighbors (renters) had three very, very annoying dogs. I wish that they had multiple cats instead.

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    I know people with two dogs. We used to have a cat and a noisy bird and didn't ever receive complaints.

    Some specific landlords don't allow pets.

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    Depends on the building and landlord.

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    thanks for the responses! could you send along the names of these buildings with the multiple pets and or the regions. I know disco bay is said to be pet friendly but we def want to be on hk island... thanks again