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    Serviced Apartments

    Has anybody had any experience living in 338 apartments?
    If everything works out and I come to HK, then I will be working in Exchange Square, are these apartments walking distance?
    Seems to me that a 1 bed apartment would in mid-levels would cost around $15000, so these seem like good value. The pictures on their webste look very smart


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    sai wan ho

    I have no idea about the quality of 338 apartments, but the building is quite new and pretty shiny. You can certainly walk from 338 to exchange square, it takes 10mins max, most of it on the raised, covered, walkways (from vicwood plaza onwards) - so you won't get wet when it's raining.

    Being services apts you will be able to get short term options so you can always move again once you have settled in and had a proper look round.