Hi all,

Ive been renting in KT for around 6 months on a standard 12 + 2 month contract. Recently there has been a termite infestation appear in the flat which resulted in thousands of flies across the flat (400 sq). I complained enough for the landlord, a property co, to allow me a full refund of 3 mths rent provided I gave them one month notice, ie I paid for June and retuned keys end June.

They got a pest control co in to set traps etc and said the problem would die down very soon, this was a week or so ago. Ive been staying at friends till I thought the infestation was under control, then I planned to return for the final month. I went back yesterday and begrudgingly gave the place a good clean and got it back to living standards. I also had a man come take the bulk of my furniture away as it was infested and disgusting and not worth keeping (IKEA mainly anyway).

I went back stay with friends last night to see whether the latest traps had worked and to allow a a night to see if the place stayed relatively clean so I could move back in and the flies have come out again and are basically all over the flat again.

Ive asked that Im allowed to vacate ASAP, ie now, with the 3 mths returned as the place is basically uninhabitable but the landlord is insisting we stick to the plan, ie I have to put up with the infestation and continual cleaning for another 5 weeks.

Advice please!!!