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Tricky question for young family

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    Quote Originally Posted by East_coast
    Perhaps it doesn't apply if you pay to jump to the top of the queue but you should check it out
    It doesn't apply if you pay to jump the queue, either by Individual Nomination rights, or by Corporate Rights.

    Neither did it prior to 2012, when they ran the corporate surety scheme, which was $50,000 on a sliding scale down to 5k ish if you applied at the end of the year.

    This was how we got into the system, at almost the end of the year, after 18 months on the waiting list for CWBS. We were given a place at KJS and then transferred to CWBS at the end of the first year.

    So paying money to jump the system is nothing new, it is just the size of the payment that has changed.

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    I just Google Map'd Mid-Levels and I never realised it actually encompasses such a wide area; from south of Sai Yin Pun to just west of the racecourse in Happy Valley.

    Where's the school exactly?

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    I used to live in midlevels. Given your budget et al, espc the concern for travel time and ago of kids, have you considered Pokfulam or Cyberport? Good bus links to midlevels and plenty of families live there ( plenty I know that have young children and live there) and decent size apartments within your budget.

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    If it is Bradbury (Stubbs Road), there are schools buses from Central Pier. I would assume the same for Glenealy (Hornsey Rd)...

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    Glenealy is a very small school and most kids walk to school. Bus covers very few areas

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    Can you tell us which ROAD/ STREET is your kids primary school?

    I was thinking of Belchers, its front door is right on Pokfulam Road, which can take your kids straight down into Midlevels and at the same time... its back door is on Belchers/Westwood which is good for you, as it is 3 minutes walk from the A10 & A12 direct bus to airport via Western Tunnel.

    Belchers rental is around 60k for 1,200 sq feet nett

    Quote Originally Posted by canaus1
    -job is near the airport
    -kids primary school is in Midlevels
    -recent visit to HK gave us the impression that living in Midlevels is not exactly pram/stroller friendly and poor air quality
    -liked Repulse Bay area, but suspect the commute for both the kids and I will be a disaster (how bad an idea is getting a car?)
    -checked out Discovery Bay and it felt a bit odd, but also, not sure about the commute for little ones
    -looking for at least 3 bdrm with an ideal budget of 75k, but can go higher


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    Appreciate all the advice, thanks everyone!

    Re. Pokfulam, it seems as though Belcher's and Bel Air are the big complexes. Will try and have a look at both, but any opinions on which is better suited to a family?
    Same question for the apts in Midlevels

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    We are new to HK and just moved to the Belcher's. Looked at both Bel Air and Robinson Place (in Mid Levels) before deciding on the Belcher's. It is very kid-friendly and to me feel less 'isolated' than Bel Air (I like being able to walk around/ browse in local shops nearby). Robinson Place (Mid Levels in general) feels rather claustrophobic, so the Belcher's is a happy compromise between the two. My 3 kids go to school in Sheung Wan and their school bus ride is about 10 mins. As stated, the airport express bus stop is about 3 mins walk from the complex. Both Bel Air and Belcher's are stroller friendly but I personally like the idea of having a supermarket in the complex (inside the mall). Really handy during the rainstorms.

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