hi all,
was just wondering what your opinions are.
i've been in HK for more than 2 years already, all the while living in central mid levels.

recently been very tired of soho the whole clubbing scene/running into my colleagues on weekends at MIX/Pure/etc..

i've been thinking of moving to the south side. i've heard wonderful things about it, but at the same time most of them are from people who have families.

i'm single, don't cook, work very long hours in Central. I also start work at 7am daily..

I know these seems bad already to move far away, but I don't think I can take Robinson Road too much further.. also rents in stanley/tai tam are actually not that expensive..

is there anyone out there who is 26 and living alone on the south side?

i want some green when i look out of my window.. and some fresh air too!!