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    Advice on Hung Hom area

    Hi all, I am an incoming expat to be based in Central. I have been looking for suitable, affordable and comfortable accommodation options and I have chanced upon Harbourview Horizon/Place. The apartment seems very well furnished and equipped with many facilities and amenities. However, there has been a rather wide range of comments regarding the place, I was wondering if any present tenants may have some helpful advice for the following:

    1. The website, rather poorly designed and lacking of helpful information, states that the apartment is only 15 minutes away from Central, however, a quick google maps search shows it takes 40 minutes. Can any present tenants advice on the validity of this claim?
    2. The staff has not been very helpful in their response via email enquiry - after a day of waiting, they responded with a somewhat generic email without any details I need, such as availability and price. While I understand that the prices range across time, could any of the present tenants help with providing a rough gauge as to the ongoing per-month rates for these apartments?
    3. While we're at that, if anyone might hear of someone possibly breaking their lease in the upcoming months, please do inform me as my colleague and I are very interested in taking up a lease once all the unknowns have been cleared.
    4. There has been quite a bit of negative feedback regarding the place, be it location, management, etc. In that case, may I know where the professionals working in Central tend to stay and if they have any recommendations?

    Thank you all for your advice and correspondence, I look forward to hearing from you all.

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    Dont rely on there emails or hotline. I stayed my first year and when i called before i arrived they said they had nothing avsilable for a few months and the price was high. When i arrived i went there they had a number of apartments and the cheapest was more than 4k less than they quoted on the phone.

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    Plenty of advice available on this thread and elsewhere.

    Here's an example:

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    If you got the 6x or the estate provide bus to tst I guess you could be in Central by using the ferry or admiralty by mtr in 15 mins with AMAZING connections! I give myself 40 mins from hung hom to Central by bus and am ALWAYS really early.

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    if you are new to HK, it's not a bad place to live. we stayed at Harbourfront Horizon for a year. was decent. Hung Hom is not a bad location. they have shuttle to MTR station at TST every 15 minutes. you could get to central in less than 30 minutes if you don't have to wait. there is always a long line during the week in the morning though.

    but as many has stated before, they are just trying to take as much money as possible from you. there are clearly empty apartments that are cheaper than the ones they offered to us when we first moved in. after 1 year, we tried to move to Harbourview Horizon, but they told us there are nothing available after seeing that we already live in Harbourfront. but obviously that's a lie. plus, the odor from the harbor is pretty bad. really humid and noisy. bad pollution. so we moved to NT after 1 year.

    again, it's not a horrible place if you are brand new to HK. most people move out after the initial lease is up. hope this helps.

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