Tung Chung - Caribbean Coast?

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    Tung Chung - Caribbean Coast?

    Hi all,

    As my previous two posts, currently looking at areas to move within Hong Kong. With 3 weeks remaining the clock is ticking........

    Have viewed Tsing Yi and Tseng Sham both nice areas, Tsing Yi winning thus far due to travelling convenience. (MTR runs direct not bus from certain positions) I work in ICC area, actually the building site surrounding it.

    So.... onto my question - I'm going to view Tung Chung but just want to find a bit of background information. From what I see Caribbean Coast seems to fit my bill, as a keen gym goer and the space vs price. One draw back my parent isn't too keen on dogs so could be an issue. 45mins travel doesn't bother me.

    Can anyone provide me any further information that would be handy before viewing on which phases are better / newer?
    What a guideline price is for a 2 and 3 bed apartment?
    Any additional cost I could potentially oversee? (excl. MTR travel to work perhaps club house fee?)
    Shuttle bus links times to MTR? How busy between 7-730 in the morning?

    Any helpful information is mostly appreciated.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Tung Chung, Kowloon, Hong Kong

    If your parents aren't keen on dogs, then that is an issue. There are dogs and dogshit everywhere in CC. That place is for dog l;overs.

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    Have you considered Park Island (Ma Wan)? You can take a bus there to Tsing Yi and then the MTR. Has new buildings, good space for $$, all the facilities. Feels a bit like a resort. (Sorry I can't help with your specific questions... )