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    Quote Originally Posted by riverhollow:
    I'd def consider a bit of a commute, and I really appreciate your advice on the location.

    My biggest problem, however, is finding a place at a reasonable price, while not being tricked into renting a complete dump. As I mentioned in my original post, this'll be my first time in HK and I'd really appreciate advice on agencies or similar that rent apartments.

    What I mean is, I need a way to access that "decent selection" I can afford with my budget. How do I go about searching?
    You visit estate agents and go with them to view apartments. That way you cannot be "tricked into renting a complete dump". It is time-consuming but you should never, ever rent an apartment without seeing it for yourself first.

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    Regarding One Dundas: Haven't stayed there but viewed their one bedroom units. Decent size, nice open plan layout, very new and modern and management seem responsive. Higher floors have good harbour views. Price is also decent as they are not fully opened yet (I believe).

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    Thanks very much for that. and also for the reminder not to rent without checking out an apartment properly.

    incidentally, has anyone been to or lived at dash suites (TST)?