Student - serviced apartment/studio Mong Kok

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    Student - serviced apartment/studio Mong Kok


    I'll be studying in Hong Kong August to December this year and am looking for affordable accommodation in Kowloon. I'm looking for a serviced apartment/studio, preferably in Mong Kok.

    This will be my first time in HK, so I'm slightly lost as to where to look.

    All information or tips appreciated!

    Thank you!

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    Where are you studying and what's your budget

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    I'll be studying at CityU HK. My budget is pretty flexible, but I don't want to dig in too deep in my savings.
    I was hoping to find something up to HKD15,000/month (preferably less!). Hope I'm not being too optimistic.

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    At 15k you will have a decent selection to choose from.

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    Thanks, that's reassuring. But my problem is, where to start looking for that 'decent selection'?

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    Personally I like Kowloon around Nathan road. Thousands of restaurants, international food, some open till 3 am. 7-11's open 24/7. Supermarkets, pharmacies, busses and metro's right outside. Fun to walk around in, near the water.

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    You probably get 350 Sq ft in mong Kok, would u consider lai chi Kok or tai wai area (only 10 minutes commute to city u) but u get a much bigger place, possibly as big as 550sq ft, also mong Kok is busy, dusty, noisy place, so do you really want to live there

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    I'd def consider a bit of a commute, and I really appreciate your advice on the location.

    My biggest problem, however, is finding a place at a reasonable price, while not being tricked into renting a complete dump. As I mentioned in my original post, this'll be my first time in HK and I'd really appreciate advice on agencies or similar that rent apartments.

    What I mean is, I need a way to access that "decent selection" I can afford with my budget. How do I go about searching?

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    Because this is a thread about serviced apartments around Mong Kok, is there someone who could share his or her experience at 1 Dundas ?

    Riverhollow: I am also arriving on 1 August and was considering the Mong Kok area but the dusty noisy comment is making me think twice


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