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Trustworthy Realestate Agent needed for Kowloon Area

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    Trustworthy Realestate Agent needed for Kowloon Area

    I am moving to Hong Kong August 1st and looking for an apartment in the Kowloon area. Does anybody know of a reliable real-estate agent for the Kowloon area? Thank you in advance.

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    What are your budgets? For a sub-50K type budget, you'll do better by yourself in terms of identifying the neighbourhoods, walking around and finding a estate agent with local knowledge.

    For something in the larger budget range, some of the larger agencies may (and I mean may) be able to help - estate agents seldom want to go outside their local area, as it more than often means they have to share their commission with another agent, even if they share the same name / company.

    So, to help, perhaps you may want to add some more to your question:
    - Identified your needs (location? school? work? tolerance to commuting?)
    - Rental Budget?
    - How quickly do you need to move in? (Assuming you're already in HK)
    - Do you have some local contacts (at your workplace perhaps?) who may be able to help you?

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    And Kowloon is a large area - estate agents here often only concentrate on 2 city blocks in any direction from their office (because of the density of development).

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    Thank you Shri and Chingleutsch for your reply.

    I arrive August 1 and have a week to find an apartment. My place of business is on Waterloo Rd near Ruthland Quadrant. I would like to be able to walk to work or take a short taxi ride. My budget is 15,000HK. I am looking for a one-bedroom or studio apartment. Apparently, Tai Kok Tsui is 10 minutes by Taxi and Kowloon City is a 20 minute walk to work. I am interested in both of these areas.

    I have found a few apartments I like on It sounds like I might be better off finding apartments I like and contacting the agent for those apartments.

    On some real estate websites I can search Tai Kok Tsui and Kowloon city, while others break down the districts further. Does anybody know what district Yau Yat Tsuen, MongKonk, and Kowloon Station are in? These areas are also near my job.

    Thanks for your help!