Hi everyone,

This is Derek. I am from Macau and about to commence my career in HK in September (I work in market research). I am looking for an affordable place to stay and I would be very grateful if anyone could give me some pointers for how to find an affordable accommodation in HK. I am not any picky person and just need a room and that's all. I have a budget between 3 - 5K hkd.

I am also looking for anyone who wants to share or would want to sub-lease a room to me - that would be even better!

I have studied and worked in Melbourne and Europe for 6 years and I guess I am a fun person to live with. I have been sharing accommodations with all sort of people for years and I am a neat, responsible and considerate housemate! I really want to settle this asap so I am ready to move in anytime soon or August.

Thank you very much in advance!