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29M Actor moving from NYC to HK Sept. 2

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    Well that's the thing. the shorter route from Central to SSP is the western tunnel which is not dirt cheap. The cheap tunnel is in CWB and the meter's already ticked along a fair bit by the time the taxi winds its way there and then the other side ... Maybe I've just been unlucky with my specific locations.

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    I think it's a bit of a stretch to think the OP can even figure out how to find local accommodation, nor would he consider it once he saw it in person.

    You can get a parking space for about HK$4500 per month, but accommodation. You need to re-think your plan here. You're going to live in a crap hole with no window, or no light and that's 7-10k. These other places are dirty, no lift, bug infested, for less. There are some new options for clean places in Kowloon side but very small and shared bathroom.

    Shared accommodation is not that popular here, but if you put your budget up to 10k, you can find something in a shared accommodation that is livable, and at the low end of the word.