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    Im a recently single active early 40s bloke moving to HKong. Seems there are numerous options for families, singles etc, but im stumped on ideas if you are in between. I like going out occasionally to bars , nightclubs but id be doing that 2 or 3 times a week at best ( i think ).
    Ill be working in central, and my budget will be pretty good. On the weekends i like being active ( sport, jogging, gym hiking etc ) and have always lived near the water. Whilst i dont necassarily want to live in the hub of nightlife, likewise im not sure if i want to be in a complex totally full of families and young kids.
    Im defintely a young 40, but i think i could go stir crazy if i lived right in the thick of the action.Any suggestions would be great????

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    Midlevels might be your best choice.

    1. Your budget is pretty good as you said.
    2. Close to nightlife, 15 mins or even less to LKF or Soho.
    3. Close to your work.
    4. You can jog around the parks up there, find an apartment that has a small gym in it.

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    G'day Austgent,

    If your budget can handle it, Stanley, Repulse Bay, Tai Tam, Red Hill, Braemar Hill, Shek O and definitely Bisney road Pok Fu Lam, are all worth a look at.

    If your budget is not that high, Discovery bay might be worth considering, as you are right on the water there too, rents are affordable, and it is only a 25 minute ferry ride from central / all the action.

    Access to hiking trails, yacht club, and numerous eateries located on the waterfront might be appealing to you, if you want "Me "time away from the concrete jungle. You'll spend enough time in central during the working week, to have a nice barrier between work and your own leisure space, will be the best of both worlds..

    Again, it will all depend on your budget.
    LKF and Soho might be o.k for some, but if you were living on water before, like in Sydney or Melbourne, I highly doubt SOHO or LKF is going to be at all appealing...

    The other area's mentioned are more visually recognizable, to what you are used to.

    It's unfortunate that googlemaps street view feature doesn't work in HK, unlike it does in Australia, because you could pick a street in HK and see a 360 degree photo of any section of road...

    If you type in the area's that I mentioned into www.flickr.com or www.pbase.com you can get an idea of what these area's all look like, via online photo's.

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    Kennedy Town is a good choice too, I feel. Reasons being:

    1. Close but not overly close to Central (20 min. bus ride)
    2. Close to sea side, apartments usually have great sea views (which you are used to)
    3. Since your budget is good, the buildings you could choose from are Merton or Manhattan Heights - many expats, gyms, club house, pool etc., which again, you would enjoy)
    4. Too convinient in terms transportation, eateries and shopping
    5. For hiking, Aberdeen Country Park is a bus ride away from KT. At other times, you could first travel to Central and then to the hking spots..

    Victoria Heights is another good choice since it's a very new building so you'll get a brand new apartment with all facilities like gym, pool etc.

    Let me know if you want an agent's details to view apartments in KT