So many newbies to HK doing things like this and I don't understand why. You need to be here. Photos tell you nothing, they might be the original photos, fake photos or who knows what. The person you're talking to might be in HK or might not. But the demand for housing is very high here, so why would they deal with you overseas when you aren't even here, especially for 5 months. That means you are either overpaying or getting scammed. If the price is fair, it will rent quickly in HK without the need for internet. Given you said 5 months, you have a problem there. Too short for anyone to bother with, you're looking at a serviced apartment once you arrive. But see it first and check the apartment for broken items, leaks, noises, new buildings etc. And don't believe the we will fix it if it is broken. Because they won't. Good luck.